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A Letter from our Locum Minister

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My Dear Friends,
I wish you a Happy Easter.

Easter is a powerful reminder that what God planned from the beginning will  happen at the last.

It didn’t seem like that on Good Friday. Jesus looked a failure. For all his fine  words and astounding deeds, he died defeated on the cross and his followers  were dismayed and disillusioned.

This was not the way they expected it to end. It could have been so different but  they were powerless to do anything about it. At one point even Jesus himself  seems to be in despair and appears to question God; ‘my God, my God, why  have you forsaken me?’ His closest friends abandon him and the crowds taunt  him. This was not the way it was meant to end. Those who had put their trust in  him must have felt badly let down. 

Furthermore, it raised serious questions about the claims that Jesus made and  the promises he had given.

He had claimed to be the way, the truth, the life and the light of the world. He told  them that though he must suffer and die at the hands of men, the power of  God was stronger than death. What now of these great claims and promises as  darkness engulfed the hill of Calvary that first Good Friday?

They were still true and patient faith was rewarded. When dawn appeared that  first Easter morning, it became clear that it was not only the sun that had risen.  Christ too was risen, as he promised, and it was clear that love was stronger than  death just as he had claimed.

It is so important for us to treasure the Easter message for it speaks directly to  each one of us and to our church and world. It reminds us that although things  do not always turn out as we expect the final word is still to be spoken. That  word belongs to God who spoke first at creation’s dawning and will speak last  when his purpose for all of us is complete. 

Your friend and Locum


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