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Lodging House Mission

Update from Lodging House Mission

Deacon Claire Herbert Chaplain LHM

Dear Supporters,
With Harvest and the season of thanksgiving now behind us we find ourselves in the midst of Autumn.� As the temperatures drop and the clocks change we are reminded of the additional hardships faced by individuals who find themselves homeless and vulnerable especially during these
months.� We offer our heartfelt thanks to all those congregations and individuals who contributed to our Harvest appeal.� There are still donations being received and we are grateful for your ongoing support of our work amidst those who find themselves homeless and vulnerable at this difficult time.

NEWS FROM OUR BOARD: In recent weeks and months, our Board has been faced with some difficult decisions arising from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the way we are able to deliver our services.� LHM has had to restructure its operations which sadly compels us to embark on a programme of lay off/redundancy of some of our staff.� We wish to take this opportunity to explain to you direct why this has proved necessary.� Having carried out a thorough and detailed Covid Risk Assessment for potential Re-opening, our Board reached the
unanimous conclusion that it would be impossible to do so without placing our staff, volunteers and clients at unacceptable risk of contracting the virus.
This is NOT to say that LHM has ceased operating � far from it- but rather that for the foreseeable future until the inherent risk declines to an acceptable level, we shall instead deliver the bulk of our services external to our Day Centre building in East Campbell Street.
LHM will continue, as it has been doing successfully since March, to work in partnership with other charitable agencies to ensure a joined-up approach to the provision of food, clothing and toiletries as well as outreach and pastoral support to those in most need scattered throughout
the city. In this way, we can best assist greater numbers of the most destitute.
New staff positions are being created to meet this different way of working and it is hoped that some of our existing staff will fit into these new roles.
As a registered charity, it is incumbent on our Charity Trustees to ensure that our limited resources are used for the optimum benefit of our clients, the hungry and the homeless, and until the risks associated with Covid-19 recede, their needs can be most safely met in the
manner outlined above.
We ask for your understanding and continued support as we adapt our operations to meet the challenges of these difficult times, assuring you that we shall strive always to meet our stated objective �to alleviate the conditions of life amongst homeless people and those vulnerable to
homelessness, of any gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, faith or denomination and whether able-bodied or disabled in the City of Glasgow�.

Prayer for Homelessness Sunday

Heavenly Father, my neighbour has nowhere to call home:
Help me be aware.
My neighbour needs love and community:
Help me be active.

My neighbour is crying out for justice:
Help me be earnest to answer their plea for help.

Christ, Son of man, as one who had no place to lay your head,
help me to seek to serve as much as to be served, Amen.

(adapted from the prayers of Housing Justice)

We offer this prayer for Homelessness Sunday (11th October) in the hope that congregations can use this in their prayer groups, during worship or as individual prayer.� For more information on Homeless Sunday and resources there is a useful link to Housing Justice:


Our annual Homeless Sunday Service, due to take place on 25th October - with the Moderator Rt. Rev Dr Martin Fair as invited speaker - has been postponed until the New Year due to increased Covid-19 restrictions locally.� The Moderator kindly recorded an address which has been shared on our YouTube channel to be viewed and shared:�https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZcc29GO7ic.

This year, while our buildings remain closed to the public, we have introduced online Christmas card sales, to offer a safer and simpler purchase option.� To purchase your cards online follow the link on our website


or go directly to


You can also call our office on 0141 552 0285 or send an email to our usual address enquiries@lhmglasgow.org.uk to request a brochure.
In the autumn season, the days are becoming shorter and dusk arrives early, we ask for your prayers,

? For all those individuals who will find themselves without shelter, rough sleeping, sofa surfing or in temporary accommodation and all who are in need of emergency support.
? For all those working on the frontline and in support agencies who strive year round to reduce the harm caused by the experience of homelessness.
? For all the team at Lodging House Mission; our church representatives � raising awareness, our volunteers � packing food parcels and collecting donations,
? For all our staff � while we undertake the current operational restructuring necessitated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the way we are able to deliver our services.

May we remember, that in the darkness, God�s light continues to shine.


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