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East Renfrewshire Foodbank

This article comes from Ag Law, who is the Organiser of East Renfrewshire Foodbank.

Ag Law

Supermarket Collections: Waitrose, Newton Mearns, Asda Newton Mearns, Tesco Barrhead and the Co-op all continue to support the Foodbank throughout the summer as well as do most Churches throughout East Renfrewshire.

Stock: Stock has gone down considerably, but this is no bad thing at present.  We are hopeful that entry to the new premises will be given the go-ahead by the end of this month.  Removal of stock etc., will be a fairly onerous task so the lower the stock the better - for the time being anyway!

Items Most Needed At Present: UHT milk, juice, tinned tomatoes, creamed rice and tinned carrots.

Clients: Numbers have dropped slightly over the last three months.  There doesn’t seem to be a greater demand when children are on school holidays.  This surprises us!

Quality Assurance Inspection: Once again East Renfrewshire Foodbank has passed with flying colours!  One or two tweaks have to be made but, overall, our standards are more than satisfactory.

Volunteers: Our faithful volunteers continue to support their specific teams.  In many ways their lives mirror the everyday happenings of life - the good and the challenging - celebrations, weddings, big birthdays, new babies, illness and bereavement pepper our exchanges - all part of sharing fellowship in this Christian/Community based Project.

The amount received from Mearns Kirk Church, one of earliest contributors since we started up six years ago — 5 TONNES!

Thank you Mearns Kirk Church for your continued interest and support.







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