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East Renfrewshire Foodbank

Elaine MacNiven

Our food stock is very low at the moment but, with the Tesco (Barrhead) Collection on 21st-23rd November, we should build it up again by at least a tonne.  Current numbers of users of the Foodbank are about 40 per week and, if the quantity was for a single person, it would amount to almost half a tonne.

Food shortages are as before (sugar, coffee, tea, jam and milk) but, with low stock, almost anything is very welcome.

As we are soon to be moving to new premises, currently being upgraded, not far from where we are now in Barrhead storage space should be a big improvement, as we need more and better organised space.

A reminder of other goods needed:- long-life milk and juice, cereal, jam, biscuits, rice, pasta, sugar, tinned meat, fish, fruit, creamed rice,     custard, soup, beans, vegetables and spaghetti.




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