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Thoughts for Prayer

Mary Paton

A Prayer For God’s Creation (Taken from the internet.)

Loving God, creator of our common home,

You fill the earth and sea and sky with life.

Forgive us for our neglect of your creation

The choking waste of our pollution

The damage done by careless habits

And our indifference to future generations.

Help us to amend our lives

To refuse more plastic if we can’t reuse it

To lift our voice on the earth

To the glory of your Son, the living word

Through whom you made this fragile world.




  1. Pray for the Environment:
    • Thank God for highlighting the need for change in how we interact with His creation.
    • For COP26 to have global success in speeding up climate action.
    • For wisdom on how to act for the good of future generations and for all creatures.
    • For wisdom in finding creative ways in using waste materials.
  2. Pray concerning COVID-19
    • Thank God for the break through in scientific research resulting in vaccines.  Pray that scientists continue to build upon their knowledge of the virus and that, through God’s grace, Coronavirus will continue to lose its devastating and fearful effects.
    • Let us remember those in countries who still wait anxiously for vaccines to arrive.
    • Continue to pray for all those who work in the NHS thanking Our Lord for their courage and dedication. 
  3. For a spiritual revival of the Christian faith: Ezekiel 36:26 ‘’I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.’’
  4. For Christians, around the world, who are being persecuted for their faith.
  5. For the homeless especially during this pandemic.
  6. For those suffering from disaster-the refugee, the earthquake survivor and those facing famine.
  7. For our church family:
    • For every member of our church family that they would be especially aware of God’s love for us.
    • Comfort, encouragement and strength for those of us who are experiencing emotional or physical pain.
    • Encouragement and support for our minister, Joe, as he continues to preach God’s word.





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