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Cluster Update


The Newton Mearns and Eaglesham Cluster, of which Mearns Kirk is a member,  was due to meet in November to agree the way forward for our cluster - in other  words to agree about unions.

The meeting had to be postponed as our Interim Moderator, Rev Jim Teasdale,  was on leave and it was essential that he is present to represent Mearns Kirk.

In addition to this, Maxwell Mearns Castle Church has now changed with many  Elders, Rev Scott Kirkland and many members leaving the Church of Scotland.

The remaining members of Maxwell Mearns Castle Church will now be led by their  Interim Moderator, Rev Adam Dillon, who has just started and will need time to  work with the remaining congregation.

So we now hope to hold this important meeting in December. Information about the outcome will be available as soon as possible.



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