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The church Treasurer, Robert Paton CA, gave his report to the Kirk Session on  7th March on the church finances for the year to 31st December 2023.

The report highlighted that income overall was almost the same as 2022 at £175k  compared to £176k and with overheads kept under strict control a surplus  of £3.8k was achieved compared to £5k which, given the very difficult  financial climate we are in, is a positive outcome.

Robert highlighted that offerings were marginally down by £7.7k ( 6.4%) which  again given the current economic climate we are in is in line with other churches  experience.

Hall lets at £21k are marginally up by £1k reflecting the excellent facilities we have in a very competitive local environment.

Energy costs were highlighted by Robert as a key challenge for the future. The  Church of Scotland had just retendered their gas and electricity contract in  October last year, which is done on a “group basis” with all the other churches  across Scotland. This was done over three years ago to secure bulk discounts  but notwithstanding this the new rates will be a staggering 98% increase for electricity and 102% increase for gas.

This reflects the huge changes that have taken place over the last three or four  years in our economy with the Ukraine / Russia war etc.

Net assets stood at £112k ( 2002 - £109k).

Looking ahead for 2024 every effort needs to be made to generate income from  all sources such as hall lets, general fundraising etc so that at least a break even  position can be achieved.

The accounts were approved by the Kirk Session.

A full detailed financial report will be made available to the congregation at our  usual Congregational Meeting in June this year.


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