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News from Ifumbo

Isobel Dawson

Our congregation is linked with Ifumbo, an isolated presbytery in Northern  Malawi and we have supported them in a variety of ways over the years.

During the past few years a number of our members have “adopted an Agogo”,  an elderly person who has no income. We normally give around £8 per month  which is sent out annually and is used to supply basic necessities for our friends.  In addition, some teenagers in the Ifumbo churches help clean their  homes and carry water for them.

A recent letter from the Rev Kondwani has spoken of increasing numbers needing help and I ask that you consider whether this is something you may be  able to help with? Here is a letter that I recently received.

Hello Isobel,
We reached out to 22 people.

Our first priority was to all the Agogo that have been adopted by our friends there. Then we reached to others after looking at their problems.

Each a loaf bread, two packets sugar, one unit of washing soap, two bathing soap, one litre cooking oil, 10 kgs rice, a bag of tea leaves, 4 kgs salt and 5 kgs milk.

We also decided to give them cash in case to each of them. Every one received  ten thousand kwacha (about £4.50).

I therefore write to you Isobel on their behalf that they are so grateful for what  you have done to them. Once again as I said last time we have many Agogo who  need help. We therefore request you our good friend that if possible you may find  other families to adopt them.

Thanks so much.
Receive our greetings from Ifumbo CCAP congregation. God bless you abundantly.



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