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Message from Joe


Hello Folks,
Hope this wee newsletter finds you well.

In lots of ways our lives have been, are being and will be affected by Covid 19.  Even at this stage we don't know what is round the corner and so we are just getting on as best we can, a day at a time.  Obviously church life has been turned upside down as well but the Church, the people, have rallied wonderfully well and shown a lot of love and care, as well as using talents old and new, to do what we can.  Thank you to everyone for what you have done.

I don't know when we will be able to gather for corporate worship but when we do, it will be different.  We are guided by the advice of our Government and by "121" with respect to how we take things forward but I'm hoping that, all conditions being met, we could come together on Sunday August 2nd.  This is NOT definite, but it would be good at least to have some kind of date in mind towards which we work.  There is the possibility, even at that point, that there will be no singing, face masks will have to be worn, safe distancing will be in place, (2 metres?), and other limitations will be imposed on our time together.

As we get nearer the time, we will know much better.  In relation to numbers attending, these will be limited, and we will probably have a booking system so we know who is coming and how many wish to.  Those who are in the vulnerable categories or who have underlying health issues, will have to consider whether or not it is wise to attend.  So, in no way is it back to what we know, and it will be a bit more complex than a lot of people think.

As much as I can, and as soon as I can, I will let you know what is happening and what to expect if and when you come to church.  Our Facebook and Website /YouTube will continue to "broadcast" our services throughout.

I hope that you are finding the help you need, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too.  This pandemic, and its consequences, affect every part of us. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if I, or the many helpers we have in the church family, can be of help.  And I pray that you are finding all that God alone can be to you and for you at every turn.
May the blessing of His love, revealed in Jesus, be your strength and help, peace and hope.


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