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Holy Week

Holy Week looms ahead of us.
Holy Week brings a sharp focus on Jesus; it takes us to the very heart of his mission. Day by day (except Saturday) as we look upon him, hear his words and see his responses to all kinds of challenges, we are taken into the very heart of God.  In this week Jesus does reveal God's way, truth and life, which will in fact take him to a Cross, but God will vindicate him when raising him on Easter Day.
Without the Cross and Resurrection, we would not know just how great God's love for all is.  Creation tells us how powerful God is but doesn't quantify His love.  Jesus death speaks of a divine love without limit.  We can interpret Jesus death in different ways but in every way it all comes back to love; to Jesus who refuses to stop loving, even to save himself.  And on the Cross there are no bitter words, only Father forgive.  To the last Jesus loves, even his enemies.
On Easter Day we are shown that such love cannot be ended by evil or death; divine love triumphs!  And so Easter creates hope in people's hearts; hope that the God who is bound up in life's suffering through Jesus, is the God who promises that such darkness, pain and death do not have the last word.  God will make all things new!
I'm not sure how much of where we have been in this past year, and where we still find ourselves, casts a shadow over how we approach what is at the very heart of our Faith.  Are we simply waiting to get back to normal, and in doing so living day by day, or are we still able to embrace what Jesus will say, do and experience from Palm Sunday to Easter Day?  Are we able to see God's bigger picture?
May God renew us all in faith, hope and love this Holy Week.

Holy Week Services
As last year, it is hoped that the churches in the Mearns will produce joint services to reflect on and celebrate this most important week for our faith.
Congregational worship recommences in the church building on Sunday 28th, Palm Sunday, at 10 15.  Please sign up as per past practice, tel 639 6555, mearnskirk@hotmail.com and please mention whether or not you are able to access the service online.

Session Clerk
We now have a new Session Clerk, Kevin Cannon.
Kevin is one of our younger members and he and his family have been very much part of the church family for some time.  He is very friendly, and able, and will fill the role well.  I am grateful to Kevin for having agreed to become our new Clerk.
Marje is now on the backbenches of the Session but will continue to bring all that she has and is to serving God within the life of Mearns Kirk.  I am very thankful for all that Marje has done in her work as Clerk these past 13 years, and so should we all be.  She has been wonderfully conscientious in everything that she has undertaken and been supportive of many, including myself.


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