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A Letter from the Interim Moderator


Dear Friends,
Let me begin my introducing myself. My name is Jim Teasdale, and I am the Minister at Eastwood Parish Church (at the corner of Mansewood Road & Thornliebank Road). I am married to Felicity, and we have a son, Jamie. The Presbytery of Glasgow has appointed me as your Interim Moderator.

Without  stating the obvious, any congregation that finds itself in vacancy, also finds itself  feeling a little bit anxious. Add the Presbytery Mission Plan into the mix, and that  unsettled feeling may rise by another 10% or so. 

Yet, despite this, God remains faithful. He knows how you are feeling, and even though it may not be obvious now, God also knows what He wants for Mearns  Kirk’s future.

When we look at the Old Testament, we see many examples of God reassuring  His people during times of change and time after time, God reassures them that  they should not be afraid.

As Interim Moderator, I look forward to walking alongside you all as we look to  the future of Mearns Kirk. Now, it may not be plain-sailing, or easy, but God  goes with us, walking beside us, leading us on, as He has always done.

Your friend and Interim Moderator,


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