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Women and Children First

As a result of School Uniform Sundays.

Louise Moore

Thank you so very much for your generous gift and what a fabulous idea!  It is such a practical approach to helping the families we support who struggle at this time of year and I know how much this will be appreciated.

Louise Moore - Manager  Women & Children First

Here is a quick glimpse of some of our work!

Renfrewshire Reconnections

Cedar Groupwork

Just before the Summer break from school we finished our Cedar groups for children aged 7-9 and our Mum's group.  These ran for 10 weeks and we had the pleasure of organising a celebration trip to M & D's in July.  Our trip was a great success as our quotes from children attending shows:

"this was great fun and I got to come with all my family"          "Today was the best"  "Mum was so funny on that ride"

Reconnection staff also ran a Summer Wellbeing Group for some of our children within the service for 8 sessions which they finished off with a trip to the Bowling Alley and delicious lunch.

Quotes from our families:-

"Thank you so much for helping with uniforms.  I have been worrying about how my children will feel not being like their peers, but now I don't have to" (mum 2 boys)

"This is such a help - the holidays have been so expensive and now I can get decent shoes for the winter, not having to worry about trousers and tops" (mum 3 girls)

"Can I get a new red jumper, 'cause that's my new school colours!!" (girl 5yrs)

Support & Advocacy

We have received 103 new referrals (for women) in the last 4 months.

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) workshops - We have run 3 of these workshops over the summer holidays for new clients, exploring wellbeing and self care.  Feedback was that clients enjoyed the friendships and felt more relaxed about engaging in support.

Teenage Girls Group

The group put together a presentation for an event with Renfrewshire council about "Abuse in Teenage Relationships".  The feedback was positive!

Day out to "Heads of Ayr Farm Park"

We had a wonderful day with the families we support at the farm park.  We had fun and created new meories!






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