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Sheila Goldie

What a happy day it was on 25th August when The Guild met up again for the first time since 2019.   It was quite a reunion, nothing but happy, smiling faces!   We coped with sanitising, masks, open windows, social distancing, and bringing our tea in our own flasks, but it was all worth it to be together again.  

We had a second get together on 15th September, which was again a catch-up on the last two years – non-stop chat in spite of masks, but we did manage to disburse the funds we had, as follows:

Church                   - £800

CHAS                     -£200

L.H.M.                    - £200

Crossreach            - £200

Erskine                   - £200


We have received such grateful letters from all our charities who are in such dire straits.  

In 2019 we had a visit from Mission to Seafarers Scotland, when we were asked if we would consider knitting hats for seamen.  A pattern was provided and we set to.  Since then hats have been flowing to the Mission.  Our last batch of hats elicited a lovely letter of thanks, asking us to ‘keep the needles clicking’ which we will do.  The pattern is easily remembered, so if anyone wishes to participate, I can supply the pattern!

We started The Guild proper on 13th October, from when we have had visits from Joe, May Macintosh, John Spiers and Guild flower arrangers.  We are now in the process of arranging our Christmas Lunch and our Christmas Party.

We start again on Wednesday 5th January at 2pm in the Sullivan Hall, when we will be happy to welcome anyone who comes along, gentlemen included!  We cannot yet issue a syllabus since things have to be so flexible.

On behalf of The Guild, I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful, healthy and happy Christmas and a New Year full of hope.




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