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Soul Survivor Festival 2019

Isaac, Sam and Ewan at 2019 festival.

Sam Brooks

It may not be your cup of tea…..but seeing thousands of teenagers exploring, sharing their faith & pushing in deeper to their relationship with God, for me, is something worth celebrating and embracing.

This year, over 4 different weeks and 3 different locations 27,000 young people attended a Christian Youth Festival called Soul Survivor.

Soul Survivor first started back in 1993 when a youth worker felt God stir him up in him to hold a Christian Festival for Teenagers.  This was the birthing of Soul Survivor which 1896 teenagers attended and year after year, numbers continued to grow which meant more weeks and different venues.

When Soul Survivor started they always said they would run it until they felt God tell them to stop.  In 2018 it was announced that 2019 would be the last ever Soul Survivor after 27 years as they felt God bringing it to an end.

It maybe be an end of an era, but it’s also the beginning and rebirthing of more of what God has in store for Young People. It is exciting times ahead.

I feel privileged to have been part of Soul Survivor over the years; from going myself as a teenager; going as a youth worker taking along my own youth group; taking my own children and helping at the event.  So many memories and experiences that I will never forget.

Watching your young people giving their lives to God at Soul Survivor and then having the honour to continue that journey with them once home is a truly amazing experience.

Soul Survivor was a “Place for Youth” to come from all different backgrounds (churched/unchurched youth) to meet and spend time together getting to know God more and equipping them to live their life to the full for God.  It also was a time for youth workers to meet together; share stories and get fed spiritually

There was always so much to do at Soul Survivor.  There was Morning and Evening worship; which included teaching, worship and ministry time - the atmosphere was amazing - 1000s of people worshipping God together.

There were lots of cafes to chill out in; loads of sports, always well organised; loads of seminars (always relevant to teenagers) and some amazing speakers.

After Evening Worship there were always plenty to do: silent discos, bands, parties, cinemas etc.  The list was endless, but, at the heart of it all was GOD.

Facts about Soul Survivor

  • 1993: First ever Soul Survivor.
  • 1997: 2 festivals organised due to increase demand.
  • 1999: Rose to 3 festivals.
  • 2000: 12,000 young people hit the streets of Manchester to serve the community with God’s love through clearing litter, painting, youth work and children’s work.
  • 2004: 20,000 young people hit the streets of London, once again to show God’s love through Action of serving the community.
  • 2005: Soul Survivor launched Momentum for those in 20/30s age
  • 2009: 350 young people went on a mission to Durban to show God’s love.
  • 2014: 1st Soul Survivor festival in Scotland launched .

That’s 27 Summers.  Over 85 Summer Events.

From 1896 young people to 30,000 people in the biggest year.

15,000+ New Christians in the last 10 years alone.

Over 100,000 people attended in the last 5 years alone.

That is SOOO many Young Peoples’ lives transformed by God.



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