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Pastoral Epistle from Joe

Have a great summer!


Hi Folks

Summer now approaches; hopefully a good one.

Already some of the church activities have come to an end but much continues, most importantly of all, Sunday worship.

I find time going past a lot quicker these days, but I am looking for “slow” days over the summer months. Perhaps days could be slowed down by not filling them too much and taking time to relax more and do the things that really matter most of all during the summer. By that I mean spending time with the people who matter most to us and taking time to renew our sense of the precious gift we have in the life that is ours. What would be really good would be to make time to reflect, to pray, to cut out the noise and be still and know that God is where we are.

I recently read the following by Joyce Rupp, a poem entitled: Out of the Ordinary based on the Bible verse 2 Timothy Chapter 2v1 “accept the strength that comes from the grace of Christ Jesus”.

I am leaning on the heart of God 

I am resting there in silence.

All the turmoil that exhausts me is brought to bear on this great love.

I lean and lean, and lean upon this heart that hurts with me. 

Strength lifts the weight of my distress,    

Courage wraps around my troubles.

There is more to the poem—perhaps you could look it up, and when I read it my heart and spirit were really touched; those were just the words I needed to hear.

I do hope that you all have a summer which renews and refreshes you in different ways.

May the peace and joy of Jesus find their way into all our hearts.



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