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Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware that the school summer holiday period can be very stressful for families living in poverty. Not only are there more meals to provide as children are at home all day, the children have to be kept entertained and school uniforms have to be bought for the new school year.

Last year my friend from Quarriers Family Centre in Ruchazie  approached my charity KIND(Scotland), looking for help for a family who couldn’t afford shoes for school for their children.  She also told of a Dad who cried dropping his child at nursery because everyone else had a proper backpack and his child only had a plastic carrier bag. This was so sad for him as he remembered being the only one without a “proper” school back when he was little.

This got me thinking and, as a result, the Outreach Group, with the support of KIND (Scotland), we have decided this year to try and help.

Starting at 9.30am, you will be invited to join us in church for tea/coffee and cakes and will be given the opportunity “to shop” by pledging to buy items of school uniforms for children whose families are struggling. The items on display will all be from Asda and will be those items most needed by the families who are supporting.

My friend from Quarriers will be there on the 1st Sunday to tell us a bit more about the problems facing her families and why this help will make a difference.

Everyone wants to see their children, or children in their family, nicely kitted out and heading for school in August and if you just cant provide that, it is painful and causes hurt and stress.

As we look forward to the summer—to time spent visiting new places, holidays in the sun or time in the garden, I hope that we will be touched with concern for families hugely less fortunate than our own.

Recognising that poverty and the injustice which flows from that poverty are not just words applicable to parts of the world far from here—they are applicable to communities and lives on our doorstep and, as Christians, our response must surely be to show the love that Christ has been shown to us as we are care for others.

Our intention is to help Quarriers Family Centre in Ruchazie and Women and Children First in Paisley with whom we have close relations.

We look forward to seeing you at one of these special Sundays. Dates have just been confirmed 7th and 14th July. It will also be highlighted in Order of Service.



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