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Nominations Open

All submissions need to be with us by Tuesday 30 November 2021. Due to the process involved, late submissions will not be considered.

 As mentioned in the previous communication, the Nomination Committee is looking for interesting and engaging ways to advertise and promote the nominations process online. We offer our grateful thanks to Bryan Kerr, a committee member, for producing video recordings for us. Those involved in the recordings were asked about their experiences of serving on a Standing Committee of the General Assembly and discussed the skills sought for upcoming vacancies. The recordings are available to view on the Nomination Committee webpage. It is hoped that the recordings will encourage others to put their name forward for nomination. We have been working with the Communications Department of the national offices who are helping us to develop our online content to promote the nominations process.

 There is wide-ranging variety of work in which people can be involved. A list of committees for which the Nomination Committee considers membership is available on the Nomination Committee webpage along with information which has been provided by each of the committees to set out their constitution and remit plus details of the particular skills and experience sought for upcoming vacancies.

 The Nomination Committee will host a webinar-style online event on Wednesday 17 November, 1pm-2pm. Details of the process for nomination and the number of vacancies will be provided. There will also be the opportunity for Q&A prior to the 30 November deadline for submissions. We would encourage anyone who is considering nomination to join the webinar. Could we ask you to discuss the nominations process with others who you feel may be interested and direct them to Nomination Committee webpage to register to attend the webinar. Registration for this webinar is required and should be completed by Monday 15 November at 12 noon. An invitation to the webinar will be sent out that afternoon. Please note that the invitation cannot be shared with others as the invitation will be linked to your email address.

 If you have any questions in the meantime please send an email to nominations@churchofscotland.org.uk.

 I do hope that you will join us at the webinar on 17 November.

Yours sincerely

Rev Julie Rennick

Convener of the Nomination Committee


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