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Covid19 has resulted in one of the worst financial crises in living memory, which has significantly impacted all churches across the UK.  Congregational income and hall lets were affected very badly as church buildings remained closed and hall users remained at home, as the COVID 19 crisis hit hard across all our communities.  Our Treasurer has estimated that our church has so far lost over £35k net as a result of this loss of income, hitting our reserves considerably.  Even with the reduction in overheads from closure and some staff on furlough, we still felt the effect of this.

In recognition of the financial impact of all of this, the Church of Scotland decided that in order to assist fundraising, all churches could have a “National Day of Giving” where congregations could donate in a given period to their church and that the income raised would not be subject to the usual, circa 50%, contribution to “head office”, so all funds raised would remain local.

Robert Paton, Church Treasurer, reported that a total of £35k of funding has been raised from the Mearns Kirk, National Day of Giving campaign, and with Gift Aid added this will bring the full sum to over £42k which will make a huge contribution to replacing the funds lost over the last two years.

Robert says, “On behalf of the church I would sincerely like to thank all church members who contributed to the fund raising campaign, particularly as household budgets are still currently under great pressure.  We have always been a financially prudent church so these funds will help us to return to where we were before which is great.  Many thanks again.”




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