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Members Districts Reorganisation

Eric Rushworth)

Dear Member,

Due to a reduction in the number of active Elders we are having to alter the  Districts and the way in which we operate these Districts.

The reduction in Elder numbers means that more work falls on those who remain. Thus, in order to minimise the impact of this additional work if you have supplied  us with an e-mail address you will now be receiving your copy of the Church Magazine by this method.

This is also an aid to Church finances as it reduces the need to colour print as  many copies of the magazine. The cost of colour printing being quite high! 

Those of you who have requested your Elder visits will continue to receive Elder’s visits and it is hoped that when the Magazine is issued your, possibly new, Elder  will advise you of their name and contact details to give you a point of contact with  the Church.

This decision was not taken lightly but it was felt that moving forward this way was  the best solution for all concerned.



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