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Go Green

Glasgow will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) during 31 October – 12 November 2021.  Country leaders, climate experts and campaigners will come together and endeavour to agree the next, and what is arguably the most important, part of the plan to address climate change.  The General Assembly also recently confirmed that one of the Five Marks of Mission is to help the environment.  Climate change touches each one of us every day; it touches our present family but, more importantly, it will touch our future families. Irreversible changes are  occurring on our planet; parts of earth will become uninhabitable in the future.  Conflict, migration, drought and hunger will occur indiscriminately: this is not science fiction.

This beautiful planet was provided to us as a gift from God; as part of our Christian faith, we are obliged to gain a better understanding of this area and then commit time and personal resource to  tackle this problem.  As climate change will affect future generations disproportionately, we are called to serve and be unconditionally selfless.

Paul states in his letter to the Philippians, chapter 2, verses 3-4 - "Leave no room for selfish ambition and vanity, but humbly reckon others better than yourselves.  Look to each other's interests and
not merely to your own."

Mearns Kirk is forming a Green / Climate Change Group to take forward this important missional aspect.  There are many things we can do at a local level.  God may be calling you to help in this area.  The Group will be very open to new and different ideas and on how best to progress ideas at a local church level (and possibly in partnership with other local churches as well).

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Kevin Cannon (Session Clerk) on Kevcann1@yahoo.com


Ken Benjamin, Director of Church Relationships, LICC :
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