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Grasping the Nettle

GTN Conference 2019.

Iain Morris



Science, God and Purpose in Creation.


 Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh 

Saturday 2nd November 2019


“As the frontiers of science advance, less and less is regarded as the work of God.“

So said Nicky Campbell, introducing a BBC ‘Big Questions‘ programme asking ‘Is there any evidence for God? 


Such distorted understanding of  the real issues in relation to science and God may frustrate and even irritate us, but it fairly well represents the narrative walking the streets of Scotland and beyond.



There is another narrative represented by Grasping the Nettle: that science and theology are complementary lenses through which we can try to view reality. But what do we see?



The GTN conference, taking place in just over two weeks, asks this fundamental question of the Cosmos and of Biology and of Genesis 1:

Where’s the evidence of purpose? Can we really be convinced that ‘all is one’ – as we might expect if there is a transcendent creator whose ultimate creation we are?



Our three speakers will present the evidence–


Vatican Senior Astronomer, Dr Guy Consolmagno

Former Director of the Faraday Institute, Cambridge, Dr Denis Alexander
Theologian and Church of Scotland Minister, Rev Dr Russel Moffat

There will be opportunities for reflection, discussion and Q and A.


Let me highlight the credentials of just one of the above:



Founder and first director of the Faraday Institute for Science  and Religion  in Cambridge, his scientific specialism is the fascinating world of molecular biology. But Dr Alexander is also a highly influential author whose  books  take readers not only  to the frontiers of science  but also address the big theological issues arising.


Viz: Creation or Evolution - Do We Have to Choose?
       Rebuilding the Matrix: Science and Faith in the 21st Century
       Is There Purpose in Biology?



Among them, our speakers have more than a century of thinking and  expertise in issues related to science and God. We will have access to it over the course of just one morning and afternoon with lunch and 2 x refreshments included in the subsidised price.


• If you are interested in the relationship between science and theology
• If you are a Christian who even periodically needs to respond  to the view that science shrinks God’s role to redundancy
• If you care  about how the Church can present a  better narrative than that quoted above by Nicky Campbell
• If you are free to attend on 2nd November...


Don’t miss the All is One conference.


View the promotional flyer here. Booking details here


Thank you to those of you who have already reserved your place. 

Iain Morris
Iain Morris
Director of Programmes for GTN



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