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Financial Update


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Robert Paton CA (Treasurer)

It’s that time of year again, year end financial accounts!

The Kirk Session heard from the church treasurer, Robert Paton, that for the financial year to 31st December 2021 the gross income of the church was £215k compared to £197k (2020), which resulted in a small surplus of £5k for the year compared to a deficit of £17k the year before. The surplus of £5k for the year was after spending on a number of key items:

  • a major refurbishment of the church organ (£8.7k);
  • major repairs to the church clock (£2k);
  • investing in recording/streaming equipment and other items (£3k);
  • special donations to charities (£3k).

Treasurer Robert Paton said, “This was a very good result given the challenges we have had, but was helped greatly by the special National Giving Day fund raising event in that year which raised just under £40k, including gift aid.  Robert continued, “Churches across the country have been hit hard with the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, which has seen a significant reduction in congregational income and a very substantial reduction in hall lets revenue”. Robert continued, “The big task now is to get back to where we were before COVID 19 in terms of income, as we have now to face up to the challenges of a massive increase in energy costs for heating and lighting for both the church and the hall.” It never stops!


Like all charities this too has been a turbulent two years with many having to close and lay off staff. MKHH has been affected the same as others but are please to say that with its reserves built up over the years, the charity managed to maintain its track record in securing external funding reflecting the high quality it does in the local community. At the recent Trustees Board Meeting it was confirmed the charity has secure funding for the next two years which will allow it to move forward with a wide range of initiatives aimed at improving “health and wellbeing” in the community. It was further reported that there were a record number of volunteers registered with the charity.



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