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Fabric Update

Al Thompson (Fabric Convenor)

You may have noticed upsets in the grounds of the Kirk and about. The Fabric Committee Members have been busy yet again.

The car park this has been swept and some recovering of the surface completed near the entrance to the car park. The sweeping is to clarify how many of the potholes need repair. 

This sounds really good but the reality is that these repairs will not fully sort our car park. The surface is loose and will then break up again. A
proper solution cannot be funded just now so patching is the best we can do. Expect repairs in the near future.

The Kirk floodlights have failed several times in the last few years and each time it has been failures by water getting into the underground junction boxes. Each repair is expensive and seem short lived. Fabric decided to replace all the underground work with new wiring and the fitting of all junction boxes above ground. Then any future repairs will be simpler. Having these boxes above ground should make the
wiring more resilient so less future failures.

The lights around the hall side of the Kirk are completed and all groundwork finished off. We now need rain and a few weeks to regrow the grass that was disturbed. The lights at the front of the Kirk have all been excavated, which looks a mess, but soon all will be back together and working. We expect about 3-4 weeks to completion.

The flood lights work has been done by volunteers with the help of a competent electrician to supervise. We are very thankful for the work put in by Bobby, Michael and Marie and for the helpful advice from Robert who has watched much of the work!

It has been a long and hard road to sort these lights but the end is in sight. So apologies for the upset, we are almost finished.




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