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Church Family Update

What has been happening?


Hi Folks,

As we enter Spring it's time for a bit of an update regarding our church family.
With all the restrictions we have been unable to gather together in worship in the church since before Christmas. Our worship has all been online and I want to thank our techy team of Al, Ian and Donald for making that possible.
Many have been able to join in that worship possibility but I do recognise that some don't have the technical means to do so.  I am so sorry that that is the case.
Let me commend the Sunday BBC television worship programmes on both BBC 1 Scotland and BBC Scotland which I have found enjoyable, thoughtful and uplifting.  The music offering is so much better than we can do!  These times of worship through television are very real and meaningful.
We are thankful for Zoom through which we conduct a lot of our meetings.  The Session continues to meet by this means, as do the Sunday Club and Bible discussion group among others.
Pastoral Care is still being offered by our Elders, Pastoral Care Group and other folks within our church family.  If you feel that you would like support please contact me and I will endeavour to put you in touch with whoever is best.  Of course face to face visiting is not permitted at this time but there are other means of care to be offered.  There is absolutely no need for anyone to feel that no one from the church is there for them.  Please let me know and I will get to work on your behalf, telephone me 0141 384 2218.
Sadly some of our church family have died since the publication of our last Newsletter.  They are, Ron Cassidy, Aileen Hutchison, Mari and Iain Campbell, Nancy Murray, Jean Craven, Archie Binning, Ian Barbour, Marjory MacSween and Jessie Fraser.  We give God our thanks for these folk who now find themselves in the nearer presence of God, and continue to remember their loved ones in our prayers.
As we await the opening of our church building for worship, we look forward to welcoming some little ones into the church through baptism.  That will be lovely and shine a ray of light upon us, and offer a wee sign of hope to us.
The church continues to be the church in all that it is seeking to do by way of loving service to its members and beyond its walls; please don't forget that.  We are the church no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.
May all of us, where we can, continue to play our part in the life and mission of Mearns Kirk church.



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