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Church Family Update


Hello Everyone,

Church life is ongoing and beginning to open up once again. We aren't back to normal but still life is being experienced and enjoyed within Mearns Kirk. It's great to see people returning and being able to catch up with them is really good. The number of people at the Sunday Service is encouraging, and could I encourage anyone who is a bit reluctant to return to worship, to think about doing so.

I do know that there are different reasons as to why folks are still staying away, and I understand them. I would want to say though that we are doing our best to ensure that we care for those who come and monitor all that's going on to ensure peoples' wellbeing.  Although we have to wear masks, we can still sing, chat with friends, have that deep sense of belonging to each other, which are all part of being church. I have to say also, that if you are waiting for church to be all that it was, then you are going to have a long wait, so to speak.

There is also the ongoing work of the church that we all need to be part of, and maybe, just maybe, coming to worship with others in the body of the Kirk, gives you a greater sense of that.

Sadly I have to tell you of the passing of some of our church family. The good folks I'm thinking of are, Denise Hamilton, Roy Hepburn, Bill Baillie, Margaret MacDonald, Maureen Aird, Katie Ross and Marion McGee.  We give God our thanks for each one, may they rest in peace and rise in glory. 

We do have some happier news in that we welcomed, through baptism, little Alexander Reid into our church family, son of Iain and Jemma.  May this family know God's blessing in all that's before them.

I do hope that all of you will know such blessing too.  We have different ways of being a blessing to each other, one of which is the care we offer to one another.  Please don't hesitate to call on me if I can be of any help, and we also have elders and the pastoral care group, all of whom can be accessed through the office.  There is NO reason to feel that you are on your own within the family of Mearns Kirk.

Peace to you all.



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