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Church Family Update


More of life is slowly returning to Mearns Kirk!

We now can have about 90 people in church on a Sunday morning and they can sing......with masks on.  Better that than no singing at all.  Church groups can now meet in the flesh but still  conforming with the guidance which is there.  This probably will mean safe distancing and mask wearing for some time to come, but again it's better that than not coming together.  So we are  heading in the right direction and more and more is becoming possible for us.

To be honest, I think that, as a church, we have sought to do our best as we have journeyed through a very strange land.  We've not known clearly what to do at times, and of course we have been constrained by circumstance, guidelines and regulations, but we have sought to do our best.  In that light I want to thank all of those who in any way have given of themselves in seeking to sustain what life and love we were able to share with one another.  Such a commitment will continue to be needed as we make our way ahead.

Sadly since the last Newsletter a number of folk have died and in mentioning them by name we give God our thanks for them: Betty Pearson, Sandra Leith, Dorothy McCarroll, Jackie Wheeler,  Roger Fitzpatrick, James Ferguson, Christine Murchie and Morag Slater.  I have conducted other dear folks services but those mentioned have, in one way or another, ties to our church family.

On a happier note I baptised Alice Anna Matthie, daughter of Shona and Alan, and conducted the wedding service of Amanda and Robert McBain.

Services will continue to be streamed but I hope that more and more people will feel comfortable about coming back to the church building on a Sunday morning.  Hopefully it won't be too long  before our young families are part of the 10:15 service on Sundays.  In recent times due to numbers and other restrictions, they met in the Hall at 9:30.

The Bible discussion group meets by Zoom on a Wednesday morning at 10am.  If you want to be part of the discussion or just sit and listen, then send me an email: revjoe@hotmail.co.uk and I will send you a link.  The Meditation group met face to face for the first time in the church, and information about the ongoing meetings can be had from me.

As the new church year is entered, let us all pray for each other and for an openness to what is before us.  Let's all contribute to the well being of one another and offer our support where we can. And let's all be encouragers; there are enough moaners and groaners, and that we don't need.  Loving constructive criticism is always welcome though.

With Jesus at the heart of our life together we will journey in hope and be strengthened by His love.

God bless you all.


Ken Benjamin, Director of Church Relationships, LICC :
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