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Church Family Update

What has been happening?


We haven't had a church magazine since the edition before Christmas.  You can well imagine that much has indeed taken place in the lives of people bound up with our church family.
Some of our folks have been in hospital, others facing different challenges and all of us trying to work with the coronavirus restrictions. Obviously, there have been no church services for a while and no personal contact outwith our own family homes.

I have missed being able to be with you, particularly in times of pastoral need.  Elders haven't been able to visit either but they should be keeping in touch via other means.

Our Pastoral Care Team has been continuing to do what it can, and we have a large number of volunteers who are willing to help with practicalities during this time when life has been so different.  If you would like either practical or spiritual support then please contact the office at mearnskirk@hotmail.com or contact me, tel 0141 384 2218 or revjoe@hotmail.co.uk

Due to the length of time since the last magazine, there is, sadly, a lengthy list of people part of our church family, in one way or another, who have died.  And so I name the following:

Oct 2019, Louise Mooney; Dec, Jean Thom; Dec, Irene Stewart; Dec, Chris Howden; Jan 2020, Alan Perris; Jan, Jean Stevenson; Jan, June Stewart; Jan, Nan Moss; Jan, Irene Russell; Feb, Alison Berry; Feb, Valentine McEwan; Feb, Eric Riddell; March, May Hobson; April, Anna Ferguson; May, Jean Patrick; May, Shirley Ann Joliffe; May, Margaret Gardner; June, Jack McDougall; June, Eleanor Tortolano; June, Marian Hicks; June, Ian Yuille; July, Vrula Donaldson.

I have also conducted 12 parish funerals in the months mentioned above.  We would continue to pray for all the loved ones of those who are now with God in the mystery of life beyond death, which Jesus points us to in his life, death and resurrection.

We have also had 2 baptisms to remember, those of Annabel MacKenzie Young, daughter of David and Emma, which took place in December, and Callum Samuel Park, son of Chris and Christine, which took place in March.

Much has indeed taken place in the life of our church family.  I ask that you all keep in touch and support each other as much as you can.

To help get the information about what is happening to you as soon as possible, could you please send your email (if you have one) to the church office : mearnskirk@hotmail.com



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