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Autumn Message from Joe for 2019

Joe's Letter.

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Joe Kavanagh

Hello folks,

September is now here and with its arrival, a renewed sense of life within Mearns Kirk.

As is the way of things, all sorts of activities are again on the go as we enter Autumn.  I hope that you will look out for whatever might help you, tickle your fancy, or what you might contribute to, as  congregational life takes on again.

My summer consisted of 2 weeks holiday, 2 weeks work and 7 weeks Study Leave.  Over the whole period I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my ministry, but especially through my studies. Its been an interesting time and I’m going to be working through the possible outcomes of my conclusions for a good while.  As I was saying on Sunday past (1st Sept), it’s no bad thing to look at where we are in life and faith and see how the journey we are on might become more fruitful.

Whatever lies before us all in any way, God will be bound up with us and there for us.

Whatever our experience; whatever thoughts we might have; whatever decisions we need to make, we can rely on His love to help us make our way ahead.  Time and again we need to remind ourselves that ultimately our confidence is in the God revealed in Jesus, for in Christ we see God’s wholehearted commitment to us.

Wherever you are at this present moment God is with you, loving you, sustaining you, seeking to lead you. Tell your heart this truth now…and every day.

Bless you.








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