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Alison Berry

As I have said before having our “Pockets of Memories” is my coping strategy to all the low times in my life.  Reading Alwyn’s article resonates so much with me.

As you all know we lost our best friend Timmy last year and the fallout is still going on.  Timmy’s friend Locks really, really struggled.  How can you console someone in so much pain.  You can’t!  You just pray that he will get the strength to carry on (He was in such a bad place, went back to his mum’s home in Australia).  If I was brutally honest, didn’t think we would see him again….or he would be with us much longer.

HOWEVER, God answered our prayers, yet again, and our Locks after deep healing support, met up with us recently and it was beautiful to talk about Timmy; to laugh; to cry; and to reflect on the legacy that Timmy has left behind.

Locks’s “coping strategy”? Writing songs, sharing the memories and love of Timmy.

And you know what? my beautiful sister Anne, her daughter Chloe and I (God willing) will be at Locks’s first solo gig in London next month.  Talk about God doing his work!!  .Aye, know there’s not going to be a dry eye in the house.


Locks looking healthy again, with Anne                      Timmy’s Church in Cork



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