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A Message of Thanks


I would just like to say a huge thank you for the support my mum and I received from the church family over the past few years and following my mum, Isobel Powrie’s, recent death.

My mum loved Mearns Kirk and enjoyed being involved in as much as she could. When I moved my mum from Dundee to Glasgow, to be nearer family, Joe passed her name to the Pastoral Group and that started a pastoral visit for tea and chat every fortnight for over 5 years. She loved the Friendship Group as she enjoyed being with people, tea and entertainment. She went to the Guild and was so kindly
looked after by the ladies there too. Mum went to the Dementia Lunch Group every Thursday which she also loved and I know she even taught people to crochet there. Knowing mum was having fun with such caring people helped me immensely and I am so grateful.

Finally, I have been overwhelmed with the support I have received since mum died. Joe conducted mum’s funeral which was a really lovely service. Thanks to those who came but also for the cards, texts, emails and flowers I have received, it has helped so much.



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