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Stewart Cairns

Outer Hebrides From The Butt of Lewis to Eriskay

Knowing the mainland as we do over the years by the miles we have travelled within Scotland in our caravan, the islands of the Outer
Hebrides were never reached. Having always had a yearning to visit, we decided to take a coach trip last October. Vatersay, Mingulay and Barra were the three islands in the south of the archipelago we didn't reach. A more interesting 5 days we have not spent anywhere. We recommend a visit. You won't be disappointed.

Of the many sights we thought the photographs of Howmore Parish Church on South Uist appropriate for inclusion in our magazine.

The building was erected in 1867 and stands white and bright in the machar about half a mile from the shore. It is obviously well looked after but the most interesting sight is the Communion Table, which stretches the full length of the church and it is here the congregation sit together when they celebrate The Lord's Supper. We were very impressed by the sight.

The other interesting item was the position of the clock  - on the wall above and behind the pulpit!  The congregation in no doubt how long the Sermon took!!

The parish minister lives in the manse of the church on Barra and requires to take the ferry to Eriskay in order to reach her flock on South Uist. There must be many instances when services, funerals and marriages are cancelled at short notice due to weather conditions affecting sailings.

The weather during our stay was 'Scottish': first two days windy and showery, two days magnificent - azure skies, white sands, turquoise sea and wonderful visibility and one day , Sunday, dreach!

We would love to return for a longer period and absorb the 'atmosphere' of a part of Scotland we regret not having visited before. 






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