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Recently I received an email from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta which has prompted me to write this little article.

Marianne MacGregor

I was just about to delete the email - just the usual spam email I thought - but then the name Oglethorpe started ringing bells.  I did some background checking and right enough, Oglethorpe University is the seat of the Time Capsule Society where all time capsules around the world are registered - including the time capsule at Mearns Kirk.
This might be news to some folks in our church and I thought it might be worthwhile to write a little bit about it.  An article in the Extra from December 2014 explains why.
The time capsule was on display for a full year in 2013 during our bi-centenary celebrations.  In order to celebrate the 200th anniversary of our church building we held a whole programme of events throughout 2013.  The children had been invited to write messages to be placed inside the capsule and speculate about what the future would look like in 100 years.  The large capsule was filled with over 40 items - individuals and groups had been encouraged to contribute to the contents during 2013.  Our history book and the various items produced for 2013 are all included - as well as recordings of special services and choir concerts and events.
To preserve the capsule for the future, a special mention with a list of contents has been logged in the Kirk Session minutes.  The picture in the Extra shows Bob Johnston, our assistant minister at the time, holding the time capsule, surrounded by the Sunday Club in Dec 2014.
Where is the time capsule now I hear you ask?  Well - after much debate whether we would bury it or not and where would be the appropriate spot, it was decided to keep it inside the church where it is safe and dry.  It is hidden away behind the wood panels of the pulpit with a little plaque marking the spot.  Whenever we are allowed back into our church building, why don't you have a walk about and find it?
I am looking forward to that day!


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