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Meditation Workshop


Mon 9th March, 2020 7:00 pm

Location:Garden Room

A monthly meditation workshop to introduce meditation and work specifically on the chakras.  Chakras are our energy centres within our body that can have an effect on our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.
In these workshops we will discuss the chakras in more detail and how meditation works and it's benefits.
Before we begin the meditation, we will work through a series of very gentle movements to stretch and ease out stress to help the sitting process.
You will enjoy guided meditations to calm the mind and use simple but ancient breathing techniques.
We will end each session with a Relaxation. Guidance will be given to start your own practise outwith.

The workshops will start at 7pm and end approximately 8.30pm.

Comfortable clothing required and water for hydration.

Tickets must be purchased directly with Please contact Lucie Shaw 07376947588
The workshop is £15.