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Report on the first half of the year

It was so nice to get out in the fresh air again.

Irene Graham

Thankfully as we welcome the Spring weather, our forthcoming walks will, we hope, be kinder than experienced when we had to abandon our walk in April.  Apart from being very cold, the sleety rain was incessant and with only 5 of us present, we took the decision to adjourn to Caulders for coffee and a very lengthy chat!

Fortunately we had a pretty decent day when 13 of us assembled or our walk in Eaglesham in the beginning of May.  After parking the cars we proceeded past the school, taking a left turn which we followed for a bit before leaving to go across field.  This is always the most pleasurable aspect to our walks, when we find ourselves in the peaceful depths of the countryside able to absorb new leafy growth on the hedgerows, spring flowers and close by grazing sheep.  As you will no doubt have guessed, we ended our day in the Wishing Well tearoom, where the staff, very kindly set up the Conservatory for us, thus allowing our chat not to disturb the customers.

In June we always have our Summer Outing and this year we have chosen again to visit the Isle of Bute.  When we did this trip a couple of years ago, we had a simply wonderful day from start to finish.  The weather was hot and sunny the whole day, which invited many of us to paddle in Ettrick Bay after our lunch.  With the knowledge that this was probably a difficult act to follow, we are going for it, but this time plan to go to the other side of Rothesay and head towards Mount Stuart and, if the weather fails us, do the tour of the house.

During July and August we shall continue to meet, but more casually, when those not on holiday meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month, as usual, and decide at that point what they are doing..

Wishing you all a happy and sunny Summer                    



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