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Roundup from the Guild

Sheila Goldie

It’s hard to believe that we are once again at the end of a Guild year!  It has had its ups and downs but we have successfully managed to surmount problems and come out smiling at the other end.

We started this session in January with a talk from East Renfrewshire Council SPOA “Talking Points” Team which proved to be extremely informative.  We had no idea there was so much help available for Senior Citizens, and with all that is going on in the area no need to feel lonely. For further information Mr Alan Stevenson can be contacted at alan.stevenson@eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk

Our second meeting should have been with the children from Mearns Primary to celebrate our Scots afternoon but the roads were too icy for the children to walk up to us so, sadly, we had to eat all the trifle, oatcakes, cheese and shortbread ourselves. What a hardship!!

In February we had a really wonderful meeting with Dr Maureen Parks who came to tell us about the group of artists known as The Glasgow Boys. This was a most enjoyable         afternoon and we could have     listened and watched for a lot longer.

Later in February we had a “Bring and Buy” afternoon which raised £93.00

On 1st March we hosted The World Day of Prayer for all the Churches in the area - Broom, St Cadoc’s, Newton Mearns Parish and Maxwell Mearns.  As well as ladies from these Churches, Joe and Alwyn took part plus Eleanor Boyd helped out—many thanks.  Because of the format of the Service, we decided to hold it in the New Hall, which proved to be amazingly successful.  People were heard to remark that it was the best World Day of Prayer they had ever been at and no-one was in a hurry to leave.  We were rather rueful at this since our Guild voted unanimously not to take part in future World Days of Prayer.

At least we went out on a high!!!

Our next meeting had to be reorganised since Tom Marchant was unable to come, but along came David who saved the day by taking us on a colourful tour of Glasgow parks, including a brief visit to the Empire Exhibition in Bellahouston Park.  Another enjoyable afternoon.

Our last March meeting took us on a film visit to the Central Hotel in Glasgow—a kind of before and after, with Jill Scott and Bill Hicks.  This was quite nostalgic, remembering all the happy evenings we had spent at functions in the Hotel—when dances really were dances. The cross talk between Jill and Bill was hilarious and sent us all home smiling.

April brought us a splendid Fashion Show from M&Co in the Avenue Shopping Centre which saw Margaret, Adele, Jean, Edith, Vicki, Alison and our male member Marcus, all strutting their stuff!  The main hall was packed to capacity and afternoon tea was enjoyed by everyone.  M&Co very kindly gave us all a discount on purchases so some new outfits have been noted around the Church!  M&Co have offered to come back with another show in a different season.

Since our Halls were closing, we postponed our last speaker and brought our Annual General  Meeting forward.  The entire Guild turned out to the meeting which was so rewarding.  We know AGMs are never well attended.

The standing Committee agreed to stay on , with the addition of Betty Cruickshanks, and were unanimously elected.  The Office Bearers are:

Leader:                              Sheila Goldie

Secretary:                          Janne Farnham

Treasurer:                          Nancy Harrison

General Committee:          Betty Cruickshanks  Margaret Gunning  Adele Paterson

Tea Committee:                 Elizabeth Kay              Evelyn Hume Wilma Mitchell Jean Riddell

SalesTable :                       Anne Reekie               

We have decided to increase the cost of our Syllabus to £7 since we have kept the fee at £6 for a fairly long time, but we feel that the  extra £1 is affordable.

Our allocation of funds are as follows:-

Mearns Kirk  £800     Erskine Homes   £150        C.H.A.S. £100       Lodging House   £100

Our Projects:-

Seamens Mission        £200   Save the Children        £200

On 1st May we went on our  Annual Outing.  Since some of our ladies felt that last year’s outing was too long, we decided to try something new and have afternoon tea instead of High Tea, so we went to Caulders at Erskine (ably driven by Nancy in the mini bus), where we had lunch and ample time to wander around and shop!.  Then we went to the Glynhill Hotel, where an area had been set aside for our party—had a really beautiful afternoon tea—and that from the Guild is quite a compliment.  We certainly did it justice. Thanks to Adele for arranging.

As Leader, I would like to thank Janne for her unstinting labours on our behalf. She gives me such support (and lots of Cornish Pasties!) and I don’t know what we would do without her.  I would also like to thank the Committee for their unfailing support, without which we could not function.

To our Tea Committee—a massive thank you.  Elizabeth organises the details, and at every meeting they serve up tea with smiles for us all. When it comes to bigger events, they work their socks off, baking, preparing tea, service and clearing up afterwards—and the kitchen is left in pristine condition!

Since the mini bus has been available to us, Nancy has driven our ladies to various outings.  She hasn’t got lost and has delivered us safely, so thank you Nancy.

Our afternoon Guild has proved popular, but we still have space for new members, so please come along and join us.

Our next session starts on 18th Sept in Broom Church at 2pm .

Dates for your Diary - Wed 13th Nov at 7.30pm Alistair McDonald Night and Sat 7th Dec at 10.00am COFFEE MORNING Watch this space.



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