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Sunday Club and Little Stars

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Sam Brooks

As you may be aware, Sunday Club stopped back in April 2019 due to the hall refurbishments and, since then, we have taken a new approach of how to do Sunday School - to allow the children to explore their own Journey with God.

This is where the new 9.30am service has slotted in for now - as a way to continue to engage and build relationships with the children we have in our Church.  It also means we as parents get to join in (and those that are daring enough to try something new!).

The service is working well; changing and developing as the weeks go on - no week is the same, but it is a good way to continue to build Fellowship together.


On Father’s Day - 26 of us met at the Beefeater for Breakfast.  This was a brilliant social event coming together and, of course, all the dads loved getting a cooked breakfast!

During the summer the 9.30am service stopped, but 3 Sunday morning meet-ups happened at our house to continue on the style of the 9.30am service.

Week 1:       Psalm 139 (Finger Painting)

Week 2:       The Wise Man (Sandpit, Building Bricks and Water Fun)

Week 3:       Prayers (Lego/Duplo Building)

We will continue our 9.30am service within our Church until the halls are ready - so watch this space to see what’s happening next for our Sunday Club.



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