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Keep Fit Club

Maureen Andrews

It’s been over 51 years since May Macintosh started her weekly Keep Fit Club.  That’s quite a momentous achievement!  Unfortunately, the global pandemic has prevented us from celebrating this milestone so far, but this accomplishment definitely deserves recognition.

When May first started her keep fit class there was a creche available to encourage ladies with young children to join in.  There were no iPods back then, so the music was by way of a piano or keyboard.  It’s changed days now, of course, and the lively music fills the halls with joy.

There are quite a few of the original ladies still attending the class, which is a great testament to how much fun it is.  As time has gone by May has adapted her exercises to suit the group.  There’s not any floor work anymore but you still get a great workout!

The class runs from September to April then takes a break for the golfing season.  Before the pandemic struck there was an end of season lunch at the golf club, but unfortunately that hasn’t been possible of late.  However, at the end of each class there's always time for a cup of tea and a chat. 

I’m sure you’ll join me in congratulating May on a fantastic achievement!





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