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Pray for our friends in Ifumbo

Rev Kondwani Nyika asks for our help.


The Rev believes that Ifumbo could be in the path of the next tropical storms from the Indian Ocean and asks that our church prays for them.  

I visited the Indian Ocean Typhoon & Tropical Storm Center to get the latest available information which I have reproduced below but of course these things change very quickly:-


As of Friday morning, EDT, Kenneth is no longer a tropical cyclone and is inland across northern Mozambique. The moisture left from Kenneth will continue to unleash excessive rainfall over far-northeastern Mozambique for at least another 24 hours.

Also, Severe Tropical Storm Lorna is centered over open seas about 1,160 miles east-southeast of Diego Garcia. Highest sustained winds are near 70 mph. Movement is about 16 mph toward the southeast. Further strengthening will take place over the next day or two. However, the likely track toward the south and east will keep Lorna well away from any land.

Also, a weak tropical low is centered a few hundred miles east of Lorna. Development of this low is being suppressed by Lorna. The low should eventually be drawn into the larger circulation of Lorna with no significant development.

Lastly, a new depression has formed in the northern Indian Ocean to the west of northern Sumatra. This depression is expected to strengthen through this weekend. A track to the northwest may eventually threaten areas from northern Sri Lanka up the east coast of India.

By AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Rob Miller



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