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Isobel Dawson

Mearns Kirk Church has been twinned with a group of small churches in Northern Malawi, and have been offering our prayerful support to them for a number of years. Previously we had an annual collection of clothing and goods, but as transport became more expensive, we had to reconsider how our support should continue.

One very helpful way is through our Agogo project which involves both teenagers and elderly, vulnerable people. A group of our church members have “adopted” an elderly person and give a monthly amount to support them. The teenagers in the churches attend to these elders, carry their water, clean their huts and support them in general. Our donations buys cleaning materials and equipment, including pots, pails, brushes and basic food.

The villagers lives are very climate-dependent, if the rains don’t come there is not only insufficient food to eat, but they have nothing to sell at the market, leaving them unable to buy basic requirements. They have gone through a very difficult period recently, but the rains have now come and they are again full of hope and thanksgiving.

We have sent money to develop their maize mill, but more is needed. Having the mill up and running will help the wider community.

Another major worry at present is an outbreak of cholera, people are “scared” because every district now has cases. 

Rev Kondwani tells us of the many good things that are happening. Evangelism, which is “the back bone of the church” continues, this includes Bible study, prayer cells, choirs. The development of different crops is bringing hope for a better harvest. Parishioners are also working hard at renovating church
structures, no builders are on hand here!

If you would like to support our friends in Malawi please speak to Isobel Dawson.



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