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Ifumbo Update

Isobel Dawson

Mearns Kirk Church is linked with the churches and prayer houses in Ifumbo, an isolated area on the northern border of Malawi.  Although this isolation has so many disadvantages normally, it has been of some benefit to the community during the Covid crisis.  Numbers of people being infected continues to rise in Malawi; earlier a limited amount of vaccine was available, but currently there is none.  Schools are closed, and children do not have the opportunity to continue their education at home; there is no access to online teaching and even access to books is severely limited.

We continue to support a group of elderly through our Agogo scheme, where 15 church members give £7 a month to provide for them.  From a recent Facebook article we even had an enquiry from Canada asking if they could become involved.  

Mearns Kirk Church members recently raised £1,241 which has been transferred to Malawi for the purchase of facemasks, soap and cleaning material, things that are not readily available to them for basic Covid prevention.

Specific help was requested to help children attend school, and part of this donation provided exercise books, pens and school uniforms for 40 children.  In addition it paid to reinstate the electricity for the grain mill.

The spending of these funds are overseen by the Minister, Church Treasure and Kirk Session and documented for our records.  

The Minister and Kirk Session, along with members of the congregation and prayer houses, express their grateful thanks for our support.  They in turn support us with their prayers and they look  forward to the day when some of our church family will visit them.

If you would like to help in this projects please speak to Joe, Robert Paton or myself.  We are most grateful for your continued support, thank you.


Ken Benjamin, Director of Church Relationships, LICC :
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