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Ifumbo Update 2021


Here is an update from Ifumbo, the churches we are linked to in Malawi.  The community is struggling with the effects of Covid.  Unfortunately, they do not have adequate medical facilities or care but depend on social isolation keeping them safe.  No vaccine is available, nor is there any indication of when it will be.

The Agogo project:  As you know, a group of our church members financially support a number of elderly people in the area, by supporting young people to care for them through home visits, carrying water, providing food and cleaning equipment.  Although food is still being delivered, visits have been restricted.  You can read this update from Rev Kondwani, please pray for our friends and consider how we could help them at this very difficult time.

News from Ifumbo, Malawi
Covid has greatly affected our area in many ways, economically, socially and spiritually.
Due to Covid our people's lives have been greatly affected because their small scale businesses have been disturbed and many people are no longer buying from them.  Therefore this has made lives of many families very hard.
Socially as Africans we traditionally have large numbers during funerals and other gatherings, but at this time that is no longer the case, also visiting relatives has become very difficult.
As a church we have not been spared because giving to church has been affected due limited number of people attending the church service and due to the economic situation Christians are in. We are struggling financially and our church developments have stopped.  Few of our church members are on social media and it difficult to reach out to them spiritually.
We have two hospitals that are helping people found with Covid when tested.  We have a small hospital and a district hospital.  If someone has tested positive they put him under isolation, this can be at the hospital or at their home depending on the situation.  Only serious cases are admitted to these hospitals.
Wearing of masks is mandatory but not all families do manage to have masks for all because we do have extended families.
Testing is not mandatory but only those going to the hospital are testing their temperature taken.
Our agogo's are in good health though they are not visited as we used to do.
They always appreciate the support that you are giving them making their lives improved.  They are also hopeful that you will continue helping them as the Covid situation continues.
In our area we have many more agogo's who need help.
We always remember you our brethren in our church services that God should keep you safe.
Warm greetings from Ifumbo congregation.
Have a blessed day.


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