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Ifumbo 2019

Isobel Dawson

Over the past 8 years we have annually sent boxes with various items including hand tools, clothing, bikes, medical equipment, school jotters and stationery.  Collecting, packing and delivering to the centre for onward transportation has been a time consuming and expensive process.      

This year we had been reviewing whether our aid should continue in the same format as before. This coincided with a visit from Rev Levi Nyondon, General Secretary of the CCAP Livingstonia Synod, Malawi and when we discussed this with him, he asked if we would consider providing a grain mill for the district.

After further investigation, this proposal was discussed and agreed at the Kirk Session.  We will provide the grain mill, corrugated sheeting for the roof and cement for the walls, and it will be built by parishioners.  The money and the project will be managed by the Ifumbo Kirk Session and monitored by the Secretariat, fortunately the equipment can be purchased in Malawi.

There will be a “charge” for using the mill, eg anyone using the mill will be expected to pay in grain which can then be given to people who do not have access to food.

In addition, about a year ago we became involved in the “adopt a gogo” scheme, which involves one of our church family being linked to an elderly person in the community.  Twelve of our church members agreed to give a monthly sum, enabling a group of young people give a home-help type service by cooking, cleaning, carrying water, supplying maize flour, candles, matches, brushes, soap, cleaning material and other basic necessities.  In addition, they have made bricks and some of the money has bought cement to build a new house for one of our elderly men.  Up until now his “walls” have been odd pieces of cloth, once the rainy season passes his house will be built by parishioners.

Here is a recent communication from Kondwani, the Minister

Hi Isobel

This project is very unique to our gogos in the sense that their health has greatly improved.  This is because they were provided with the necessities in life; they have a good diet, their clothes well washed.

I am glad indeed to report to you that since the rainy season started they have never been admitted to the hospital.

They are living a happy life and they always thank you for your continued support.  The youth are planning to mould bricks for that old man in order to build a new house for him.

Your friends just came at the right time, without you they would have been in great problems.

Thanks Isobel, I will keep on updating you on any development.


It is good to know that our link with Malawi has been so effective over the years.  We plan for it to continue and to develop our support; please watch out for ways that you can be involved, enabling our loving and caring relationship to develop further.

Thank you all for your continued support.



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