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Easter Appeal for Ifumbo


At the Kirk Session we discussed how we continue to look beyond ourselves and reach out to those in need.  One community which we have supported for a number of years is, as you know, Ifumbo in Malawi.
With all that has been happening, and not happening, in this past year, we have not been much involved in supporting our brothers and sisters in Ifumbo.  Without knowing everything that is going on there, it's not too difficult to surmise that they will be facing big challenges.
The Kirk Session therefore decided to get an update on what's happening in Ifumbo and to set up a fund so that we can respond to what is going on.  The update is on the following page.  If you would like to donate to Ifumbo and help a struggling community with presumably much less resources than ourselves, then please donate via our bank account marking your donation for Ifumbo, or send a cheque or hand in cash to the office.
All the information about the bank account details and when the office will be open to receive donations can be got through mearnskirk@hotmail.com or tel 639 6555.  Please mark any donation FOR IFUMBO.
This is our Easter Appeal and that to seek to show God's love which brings hope and new life.
Thank you so much.



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