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Mearns Kirk Prayer Points

Remember them in your prayers.

Mary Paton

Please pray for:-

  • For Joe following his return from providing cover in Brussels and the Highlands.
  • Blessings for John and his family with thanksgiving for his preaching during Joe’s absence.
  • Encouragement and support for our Church Elders.
  • Support and guidance for the various groups within our Church.
  • The children in the Sunday Club that God speaks to each of them through the teaching of their leaders.
  • God to be at the foundation of refurbishment plans for our Church hall
  • Help for the homeless.
  • God to be at the heart in all endeavours to prevent terrorism around the world.
  • Wisdom for all World leaders.
  • Peace in Afghanistan where harsh conditions have left one million children under 5 with acute malnutrition. Help for these children.
  • Peace in all areas of conflict around our world such as Iraq, South   Sudan, Hong Kong.
  • Guidance for our leaders and government as they make plans for the future of the UK. 




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