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Mearns Kirk Prayer Points

Remember them in your prayers.

Mary Paton

Thank God for that He loves us and that we matter to him, thank him for prayers answered.

1. Pray for supernatural understanding and decision-making ability regarding COVID 19.
2. Pray for God’s hand to be in scientific research leading to a cure for COVID 19.
3. Pray that every world leader would operate with wisdom, strength, and guidance from God.
4. Pray for the financial help of small businesses and that economic activities would pick up soon.
5. Pray for healthcare workers, grocery store personnel and others in essential roles who are on the front line.
6. Pray for those who are suffering from COVID 19.
7. Pray for the reawakening of Christianity around the world.
8. Pray for Joe and his family, keeping them safe in the shelter of the Lord’s wings.
9. Pray for every member of our church family that God would keep them safe and that each would be aware of how deeply He loves him/her.
10. Praise God and ask for protection over yourself, your family, your body and your home. Read Psalm 91, putting your own name in appropriate places.

“When your faith starts to wrinkle and crumble all up, but you know in your heart, God is there.
You need to lean hard on the one that you trust you need to remember he cares”.

By Ann Paterson


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